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PaperTitan Tourney 9.3 Analysis

!!! WARNING !!!

These analyses may contain spoilers for their respective series. Some of these series may not be suitable for younger audiences.


Doctor Fate

Rimuru Tempest

Doctor Fate (DC) vs Rimuru Tempest (Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken)

Prediction: Both fighters have overpowered skill like dimensional teleportation. Even with Rimuru’s anti-magic barrier, Rimuru would still lose due to Fate’s ridiculous magic. Fate possesses not only dimensional teleportation but also the ability to manipulate time. Both fighters have either the ability to negate or reduce the damage from various different magics and varying healing abilities.

Winner: Doctor Fate


Dr Strange

Zatanna (DC) vs Dr. Strange (Marvel)

Prediction: Dr. Strange should win this fight due to his immense arsenal of equipment. Both fighters depend on verbal and gesture activation of their magic and can do a nonsensical variety of spells. This fight boils down to equipment, experience, and feats.

Winner: Dr. Strange

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