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Death Tourney Vs. Death Battle

Death Tourney | Vs. | Death Battle

The web series Death Battle matches pop culture icons against each other in a fight to the death to determine who would win based on extensive research of the characters. Death Tourney engages 16 characters from all media genres (fictional and nonfictional) in a single elimination tournament based on our patent pending proprietary V9-INEstine™ simulation engine which performs a statistical analysis to predict the outcome of a contest. We thought it would be interesting to see how the contest results presented on the Death Battle series would compare to our own results. We collected data concerning the combatants and fed it into our computer simulation based on our unreleased commercial game engine to determine the average winner of one hundred fights. See our results below.

Season #1

Season #2

Season #3

Season #4

Season #5

Season #6


Image courtesy of FelixMittermeier